Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Iran's holiday shopping spree

In the past few weeks, Iran has signed two major deals to purchase highly sophisticated military equipment:

- On Dec 2, Interfax reported that Iran signed contracts to buy more than $1 billion in Russian arms and military equipment, including surface-to-air missile systems. As part of the deal, and over the next 2 years, Iran will receive 30 Tor-M1 missile systems. The Tor-M1 systems are designed to bring down aircraft and guided missiles at a height of up to 20,000 feet. This is largest sale of Russian defense equipment to Iran in the past five years. I guess it's not enough for Russia to sell advanced nuclear technology to Iran...

- On Dec 16, citing a report from the German secret services, German newspaper Bild said that North Korea sold long-range missiles To Iran: 18 BM-25 missiles with a range of 2,500 kilometers, that could be equipped with nuclear warheads...

Are we going to wait until it's too late? If not, who will act to protect the world against the crazy dreams of fanatical dictators?


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