Saturday, January 14, 2006

Insights into Islamo-fascism

Thanks to the extensive coverage of the trial of Abu Hamza, the former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque in London, we are gaining insights into the world of Islamo-fascism.

Charged with inciting murder and racial hatred, Abu Hamza’s trial sheds light on a growing fascist movement within the Muslim world. In the sermons given to his community in London, Abu Hamza expressed freely what many in his movement think:

- Non believers: “Killing a kuffar (unbeliever) who is fighting you is OK. Killing a kuffar for any reason, you can say it is OK even if there is no reason for it.” He added the shoplifting and theft by Muslims from non-believers was permitted. Students were not required to repay loans and identity fraud by Muslim refugees was allowed, according to his interpretation of Islam.

- Liquor stores: “Don’t go to the man in the wine shop and tell him, ‘Please why are you selling the wine, come to the mosque’. Make sure the person who gave him the license for that wine shop does not exist any more on the earth. Finish him up. Give him dawa (the spread of Islam), if he doesn’t respect dawa, kill him.”

- Jews: “Hitler looked at their dealings and their treachery. They wanted to deceive him in his war… So he killed them and punished them and this is a sunna (Islamic rule). And they will be inflicted with that again when the stones and the Sharia start talking to the Muslim — you the worshipper of God . . . The Jews will be destroyed, the State will be destroyed and some of the Jews will be running around hiding behind the trees and the stones and then they get cursed by the earth until there is not one of them left.”

To read more about the coverage of this trial, go to the Times website, or read this article, whose excerpts were reproduced above.

Besides the disgust that we feel while reading such sermons, it also raises some key questions:

- Why does the Western World tolerate that such sermons are being given in our societies? Why do we tolerate extremists who hate everything that we represent and at the same time constantly abuse our society and its advantages?

- Why is the Muslim community allowing such individuals to preach hatred in its places of prayer? What are the moderate Muslims doing to prevent Islam from being hijacked by extremists who would want to use the religion as a pretext to impose a new fascist order, and exterminate whole populations?

- Why are we not going after those who finance and support such expressions of hatred? Why is Saudi Arabia still allowed to send billions to brainwash Muslims all over the word? What are the governments in the Middle East not held responsible for the hatred in their government-owned press and TV? What are we doing to prevent a major war of religions to take place, following decades of brainwashing and hatred from civil and religious leaders?

If the case of Abu Hamza were to be an isolated one, we would be fine. But we know that there are thousands of Abu Hamzas in the world preaching not only in the very centers of the Werstern World, but also all across the Muslim world, in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and so on. And that’s where the war on terror will be won or lost…


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