Saturday, January 28, 2006

Slave abuse in Sudan

The American Anti-Slavery Group, recently reported the results of a recent field research conducted by Christian Solidarity International (CSI):

Of over 1,000 Sudanese slaves over the age of 11 and recently freed, over 95% attested to being frequently beaten. Nearly 60% of women reported being victim to gang rape and over 33% to genital mutilation. Another 60% recalled being forced to convert to Islam.

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Here are the detailed results:

Preliminary analysis of interview conducted by CSI field researcher with recently liberated slaves:

Based on interviews with 1,306 freed male and female slaves over the age of eleven:
- Forced labor 95.5%
- Frequent beatings 95.7%
- Racial insults 95.8%
- Forced conversion to Islam 59.6%

Based on interviews with 1,025 female slaves over the age of eleven:
- Rape 69.7%
- Gang rape 59.4%
- Genital mutilation 33.5%

Based on interviews with 281 boy slaves over the age of eleven:
- Rape 6.0%


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