Saturday, June 24, 2006

When is Bush going to Stop Iran?

In a column published today in the Washington Post, the controversial Richard Perle is adding his voice to the chorus of criticism of the US policy (or lack thereof) in regards to Iran’s nuclear threat.
“For more than five years, the administration has dithered. Bush gave soaring speeches, the Iranians issued extravagant threats and, in 2003, the State Department handed the keys to the impasse to the British, French and Germans (the ‘E.U.-3’), who offered diplomatic valet parking to an administration befuddled by contradiction and indecision. And now, on May 31, the administration offered to join talks with Iran on its nuclear program. How is it that Bush, who vowed that on his watch ‘the worst weapons will not fall into the worst hands,’ has chosen to beat such an ignominious retreat?”

“Twenty years ago, I watched U.S. diplomats conspire with their diffident European counterparts to discourage President Ronald Reagan from a political, economic and moral assault on the Soviet Union aimed at, well, regime change. Well-meaning diplomats pleaded for flexibility at the negotiating table, hoping to steer U.S. policy back toward detente. But Reagan knew a slippery slope when he saw one. At the defining moments, he refused the advice of the State Department and intelligence community and earned his place in history.

It is not clear whether Bush recognizes the perils of the course he has been persuaded to take. What has been presented to Ahmadinejad as a simple take-it-or-leave-it deal -- stop the activities that could enable you to acquire nuclear weapons and we will reward you, or continue them and we will punish you -- is nothing of the sort. Neither the activities nor the carrots and sticks are clearly defined or settled with our allies, much less with Russia and China. If the punishments require approval by the U.N. Security Council, the United States would need an unlikely combination of approvals and abstentions from council members. The new policy, undoubtedly pitched to the president as a means of enticing the E.U.-3 to support ending Iran's program, is likely to diminish pressure on Iran and allow the mullahs more time to develop the weapons they have paid dearly to pursue.”

If Bush continues on the same course, he too, will earn his place in history, as the one who allowed Iran’s islamo-fascist regime to acquire nuclear weapons.


At Sun Jun 25, 01:25:00 PM PDT, Blogger Theway2k said...

President Bush has had his choices limited by his own decisions that his political opponents have used to limit options.

On one side is an emerging nuke psycho-Iran.

On another side is emerged nuke psycho-North Korea.

I think it is a mistake, but I fear is thinking about the future of his political party - The Republicans. I believe there is an inherent fear another bad decision might hamper elections in 2006 and 2008.

However as a lame duck President, George W has a unique opportunity to hang the polls and make good choices and decisively humiliate the Dems.

The key: what is the choice and how to make it? Let's hope this political dilemma does not hamstring President Bush. He is beginning to have some forward momentum at last. He should capitalize on it.

At Tue Oct 10, 03:46:00 PM PDT, Blogger markisapayne said...

I would have to raise the question of arrogance in the West concerning this debate. What is it in Westerners that makes us feel more 'humane', 'sensible', and 'trustworthy' than Arab States or 'Rogue' States? Why can we have nukes but they can't? If Iran helps Hesbollah to attack Israel, how is this diiferent from the US helping Israel to commit mass murder on Palestinians? I think this question is too readily overlooked. Is it? Isn't it? What gives anyone the right to pass such sweeping judgements? Are we just arrogant and afraid of losing our control over Earth? Doesn't every Empire have to fall? It's a toughie. Something to work on I guess. It's helpful to bear these thoughts in mind though, helps us get closer to whatever truth might be out there.


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